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Available Features

Development for the Android version started one year after the iPhone version came out. We don’t want to offer a mediocre user-experience on Android, that’s why not all features of iOS are available on Android yet. But we are working hard to add new features with every update.

Breathing Intervention

one sec detects when you open distracting apps and intervenes with a breathing exercise. Only after can you decide if you still want to continue to the target app.


Customize the intervention to suite your needs: you can change the phrase that’s displayed during the breathing exercise and can modify the duration of the intervention.

First Class Privacy Protection

one sec processes all data locally, on-device, and offline. There are no accounts, no cloud, no profiling.
We make money selling apps and subscriptions, not your data!


one sec offers insights into your usage patterns of apps. This way you can see your progress with one sec so far and spot problematic apps that might need to be added to one sec as well.

Intentional App Switching

Sometimes it’s necessary to leave social media and quickly switch between apps: to check contact info, a note, or a location on Google Maps. This feature allows you to leave the target app for up to 5 minutes and return without an additional intervention.

Backed by Science

The positive effects of one sec were shown by a recent study conducted in cooperation with the University of Heidelberg and Max Planck Institute, one of Germany’s leading research institutes: app usage has dropped by 57% thanks to one sec.

…more coming soon!

We are excited to share new features for the Android app soon! If you like one sec and our approach, please consider supporting the future development by buying one of our pro plans in the app.

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Setting up the Android App

Two permissions are required to set up one sec for Android: App Usage Permission and App Overlay Permission. After these permissions are granted, you can continue to select the apps you’d like to use with one sec.

one sec not working on your Android phone?

Some Android devices require additional setup in order to let one sec run in the background.

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